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Elizabeth Ehrhardt


Elizabeth Ehrhardt joined Lincoln Group in June 2022 as the Junior Recruiter. Elizabeth brings motivation, technical and analytical skills, and enthusiasm to help people. She considers herself one part analytical thinker and one part social butterfly.

About Elizabeth Ehrhadt

Elizabeth Ehrhardt joined Lincoln Group in June 2022 as the Junior Recruiter. Elizabeth considers herself a one-part analytical thinker and one-part social butterfly. 

Elizabeth spent the early part of her career working in Product Development, before transitioning to a Junior Recruiter role. Elizabeth is a fast learner and has quickly shined in the Human Capital Industry, from completing her first executive placement in her first 60 days and exceeding at candidate sourcing.  Elizabeth was promoted to Recruiter after her first 90 days.    

Prior to joining Lincoln Group, Elizabeth worked in Product Development for eScience Labs, a product development, focusing on hands-on laboratory experience, a company in the higher education space.  

In her role at eScience Labs, Elizabeth improved the efficiency of the packaging of their lab kits and decreased the overhead that saved them $150,000 in annual revenue.  She did this by ensuring quality control of lab experiments through testing and analyzing data using MATLAB, Chimera, and Excel. She then would present the findings to the product development supervisor and identify opportunities for improvement.  

To date working at a school in St. Paul, MN, and one of her proudest moments early in her career, she worked for AmeriCorps as a Promise Fellow.  In this role, she served as an academic mentor to 30 struggling youth to help to improve grades and student habits.  While she was working at a school in St. Paul, MN, she increased the attendance of mentees by +53% and increased behavior by +83% over the school year. 

Elizabeth has a Master of Science in Chemistry from the University of Denver and a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry and Psychology from the University of Richmond. 

Elizabeth currently lives in Denver with her new puppy and partner. When she is not keeping busy with developing as a recruiter and finishing her Personal Training certificate, you can find Elizabeth outdoors, training for a marathon, skiing, and hiking. 

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