Rachael Castillo

Chief Operating Officer

About Rachael Castillo

Executive Leader: Resilient and innovative with a proven track record of enhancing and improving business operations that leads to rapid acceleration in sales and profitability.
I am a versatile and results-driven executive with a passion for operational excellence via 25+ years of experience in operations management, business development, marketing, and sales. I have established a successful record of accomplishment in building teams that has resulted in consistent increases in profitability. As a self-motivated and performance-driven leader, I offer experience in rapidly building infrastructure and scaling operations for fast-growing and start-up companies in the $5 to $160 million-plus range. I possess management expertise in team building and leading by example as a leader who identifies goals and establishes priorities. I am firmly committed to enhancing and improving business operations by translating strategies into actionable and quantitative plans. As an innovative change agent, I lead teams in overhauling processes for immediate and significant improvements in operations.
My experience in promoting confidence and maintaining long-term relationships while successfully interfacing with people from diverse backgrounds is well documented. I place a firm emphasis on professionalism, analytical skills, flexibility, and consistency in all phases of decision-making. My excellent organizational skills are accustomed to working in fast-paced environments while maintaining a clear focus on achieving bottom-line results. I have successfully demonstrated my ability to manage change for improved performance and greater team efficiency.
I am recognized as being dedicated and hardworking with an unmatched drive to produce superior results. I am capable of identifying areas of strengths and weakness as well as implementing changes in operations that optimize productivity and employee performance. I am a self-motivated professional who is adept at working effectively with limited supervision by applying creativity and organizational skills.
Core Competencies: Executive Leadership | Market Penetration for Sales Growth | Business Development | Account Management | Higher Sales and Higher Profits | Relationship Builder | Sales and Business Plans | Coaching Teams to Success | Staff Management | Team Leadership | Meet/Exceed Sales Plans | Customer Service | Team Building | | Relationship Management Skills | Sales Team Management

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