What Clients Have To Say

About Lincoln Group
“Amanda is one of the hardest working, caring, thoughtful, smart, and honest people I have ever had the opportunity to work with. Over a period of 3 years, she repeatedly bailed us out of our staffing crises time after time. Amanda was responsible for providing 100% of my companies staffing needs. We had IMPOSSIBLE demands for hundreds of skilled temporary workers that Amanda not only provided under ridiculous timelines but due to the sensitive nature of our products (credit card manufacturing) also had to prescreen each candidate to make sure they would pass our extensive background checks and drug tests before they could even step into the building. Amanda also provided a recruiting service and found several of my full-time managers and supervisors, all of which were perfect for the position we were looking for. Amanda would do whatever was needed to get the job done, and that is saying a lot since the facility ran 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. She also helped redefine our training programs to accommodate the use of temps, handled any employee disputes, and did an amazing job of being an advocate for her workers and my company at the same time. I would recommend Amanda for any role that has to do with managing people. She would be an asset to any organization where her experience, work ethic, sharp instincts, and detail-oriented mind would be put to work.”
President & CEO
My experience working with the Lincoln Group has been outstanding!  Lisa’s understanding of the requirements and knowledge about the role was impressive.  Her time to fill the role was excellent.  I will absolutely contact them first when I have another hiring need.  I highly recommend working with them.”
“In 2015, Amanda located my first employee ever sourced through a recruiting firm. As I had never utilized recruiters in the past, I was apprehensive regarding the fees associated with this approach.  Hiring has always been a challenge for us, so I decided to give it a chance.  It was a refreshing experience and speedy process, as the applicants Amanda offered were all very qualified.  Instead of searching through a slew of resumes, looking for a way to mold each applicant’s qualifications into the position we needed – the candidates Amanda presented were all exactly what we were looking for.  I am happy to say that after 5 years, that first hire is still with us today and is a joy to work with.  Absolutely recommend Amanda and the Lincoln Group, the results are worth the investment!”
President & CEO
“Amanda and her team were excellent partners in our talent search and identified the best candidates with relevant experience and background. The Lincoln Group was an outstanding resource for our group, and I am grateful for their assistance.”
“As soon as I was aware, we were filling this job I reached out to Beth first. Beth’s knowledge and understanding of the role and our hiring requirements were spots on.  Her turnaround time to fill the position was amazing. Beth is on the top of my list for recruiters to work with and I will continue to call her when I have staffing needs.”
HR Generalist
“As a business owner myself, I know the cost of hiring the wrong person and the value a strong recruiter brings to the table.  When Amanda told me, she had decided to convert her talents and expertise into launching her own recruiting firm, I knew she would be a success.  Just this week, Amanda, and the Lincoln Group, successfully placed a new Vice President with our company. I am very excited about our company’s future and growth projections.  Amanda has been an instrumental part of this, as I believe the quality of the people you surround yourself with is one of the most critical factors in a company’s success.  Her creative solutions to my hiring needs guided me down the path of organizational restructuring and upgrading of my leadership team. I trust her consultative expertise and ability to match skills with culture.  She sees the big picture and understands what I need to be successful!”
“Amanda is a smart, positive, and successful business manager with lots of energy. For years I have depended on her honesty, integrity, and business skills. I would gladly refer to Amanda’s capabilities to anyone. For 12 years she has helped me with my projects. Her passion and intelligence are constantly present for every engagement. I have depended on Amanda’s vision, work persistence, and integrity and I have never regretted it.  Amanda is about helping you be successful.”
Operations Manager

What Candidates Have To Say

About Lincoln Group
“When I was in transition between CFO roles, I had the pleasure of working with Sara to identify my next opportunity.  She is attentive and has a knack for connecting people.  Highly respected.  Sara understands both sides of the equation and is very professional in her approach.  Her understanding of my skills and the client’s hiring needs were excellent. Any time I have a hiring need, I will always call Sara first.  I have referred her to several of my professional connections already, due to her effectiveness.”
“This was what sold me on Lincoln Group – Initially I was not going to consider the opportunity because on the surface it seemed to be a mismatch based on my resume and job search parameters.  However, in a basic outreach email, Sara quickly asked about SAP experience, which I highlighted, and then in the following interview, she connected my SAP and accounting and operations experience with the qualifications necessary for the leadership position. That was when I realized this could be the perfect fit. So, if it was not for Sara leading the conversation in that direction, connecting the dots, and thinking outside of the box, this may have been a missed opportunity.”
AP Manager
“I want to say thank you to the Lincoln Group. Working with Jessie Abt made the process of finding a job very easy. She is easy to work with, very upbeat, and professional. I enjoyed the opportunity to work with Jessie, she kept me informed and was very prompt with her responses. Thank you again for your assistance in getting the job.”
Bookkeeper Candidate Testimonial
“I’ve had the great fortune to work with Amanda as both a client as well as someone looking for a new opportunity!  When I first met Amanda, she was instrumental in providing candidates to my organization during a time of explosive growth and quickly filled critical roles with exceptional talent.  More recently, when I started to begin a search for a new position myself, she was quickly able to present several options and helped find a match that was perfectly suited for my experience and background.  She and her colleagues at Lincoln Group are the first calls I’ll make for any staffing needs!”
VP Finance & Operations
“Overall the service I received from the Lincoln Group and my experience were both fantastic. One thing I really appreciated was that I could tell Sara was genuinely excited about the opportunity. The communication was great as well. Each time she called with updates and next steps she communicated everything clearly and let me know important things to highlight and consider, which helped me in the interviews.  I highly recommend working with the Lincoln Group, and the second I need to hire someone under me, Sara will be the first person I call.”
“Lincoln Group really pushes to match its clients with the best talent and vice versus. Lisa and Melissa provided me with the tools to walk into my interview with great confidence and relayed my wants and needs to the company that ensured that myself and the company were on the same page. If it weren’t for Lincoln Group, I would probably still be in the market for looking for employment. I recommend anyone looking for a recruiting service to go with Lincoln Group… Hands Down!!”
Tax Associate

What Others Have To Say

About Lincoln Group
“Starting as the Houston Branch Manager, Amanda made an immediate impact. Leveraging her strong business development and sales skills, she was able to advance our product offering with historical Executive Search clients and to develop new business.  Amanda hired, trained, and grew a team that was one of the most successful contract operations throughout the firm.  As a result of her demonstrated success, Amanda was promoted to be the firm’s first National Contract Director to set and unify the contract strategy across all the divisions. Her ability to move from the strategic to the needed tactical areas of focus was very impressive and greatly appreciated. Amanda’s passion and drive for the human capital industry are second to none. And her desire to contribute and make the team better was demonstrated daily. Her enthusiasm and commitment to helping to grow operations made her a pleasure to work with. I cannot recommend her enough.”
General Manager & CFO
“I was very fortunate to have Amanda working at the firm when I arrived. She was always ready, willing, and able to do what it takes. Her personality and positive attitude were always on display while working with peers, customers, and prospects. The customers that she developed looked upon her as a consultant to them and their business. I know she will be successful at whatever company she works with.”
Vice President
“In addition to all her accomplishments on paper, Amanda is fantastic to work with. She is a go-to person when you need to get something done and always offers creative solutions to issues that came up in the day to day business. She would be an invaluable asset to any company with a growth mindset.”
Managing Partner
“Amanda is a take-charge leader who is fearless! I was impressed, from her first day we met, with her vision, ability to plan and execute her plan. She built a strong team and worked to improve customer service delivery resulting in being the top group in the company. Amanda then was chosen to take on a newly created leadership role over the contract teams nationwide. Her ability to keep the focus on the customer experience, both client and candidate, has enabled the contract division to grow exponentially. Amanda will only continue to grow and achieve higher success! “
Executive Senior Partner
“Amanda was an amazing go-to resource for our national contract. She offers a wealth of industry knowledge and experience in both sales and operations that have helped guide multiple teams to a higher level of success.”
Managing Partner

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