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Amanda Gladden

President & CEO
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Sarah Ramirez

Operations & Marketing Manager
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Swaim Gladden

President of Engineering & Industrial Division
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Melissa Martinet

Managing Director
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Lincoln Group is a full-service firm specializing in the functional areas of business, primary expertise in accounting and finance, technology, human resources, marketing, and legal at the executive and senior-level.  We are industry agnostic in our approach but have included a list of some frequent industries we serve.  Aerospace/ Banking & Investment Banking/Consumer Goods/ Construction, Building Materials, Home Building, Heavy Equipment/ Energy & Renewable Energy/ Food Manufacturing & Distribution/ Health & Wellness/ Healthcare/ Insurance/ Logistics/ Manufacturing, Production/Non-Profit/ Oil & Gas/ Private Equity/ Real Estate & Multi-Family/ Restaurant & Retail/ Saas/ Startup/ Security & Tech/ Supply Chain/ Transportation, and more.

Our Areas Of Expertise

Awards & Recognitions

A few of the awards we have received include Most Valuable Player and President’s Club Winner.  It would be impossible to list all the recognitions received over the years, but the testimonials will tell some of the important ones.

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President’s Club

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