Amanda Gladden

President & CEO

About Amanda Gladden

Imagine if you will, what your ideal and perfect staff looks like. How do they perform? What makes them succeed? What distinguishes your peak-performers as standouts when they are all excelling? Where are they located? What matters most to you when it comes to finding the right person to enhance your team’s skillset? When do you need this (these) positions filled?
These are just some of the basic questions we seek answers to, allowing us to accelerate and exceed our client’s expectations. Thank you in advance for a few minutes to introduce myself.
I am Amanda Gladden.
Bred by my father to be an entrepreneur and hunter, I find human capital assets and resources for niche-like assignments in an ultra-competitive business environment. The values he instilled in me such as hard work, lead decision making conversations, and equality for all, are powerful drivers that are at the core of our business decisions today.
I launched the Lincoln Group with the vision to disrupt the market with a new methodology identifying people-based specializations in the world of staffing.
We are “The People with People Passion.”
By leveraging my strong interpersonal communication, training and development, and organizational leadership skills, I am laser-focused on creating a top-notch team who take our client’s needs to heart, asking the right questions to identify the best candidates to fit not just the job description, but take into account the cultural, diversity, and inclusion values as well. One of my greatest joy is one where a meaningful connection is established between an individual and a business. I take this personally and have the same expectations of my team.
I still get and feel the buzz of energy when a client’s needs are met, and the candidate’s career aspirations are realized. Our successes are industry agnostic and focus on the functional areas of business. Some industries served include manufacturing, healthcare, technology, oil and gas, sustainable energy, non-profits, consumer products and services, construction, automotive, and telecommunications.
A quick summary of almost 20-years in the industry.
My entry into the human capital industry began in 2002 with a group purchasing organization where I served in several roles including as an Executive Assistant and IT Team Coordinator. From there I pioneered the first-ever roles as a Technology Trainer – implementing comprehensive programs, and then trailblazing the Procurement Services team – negotiating off-contract spending. This led to a promotion.
By 2016, I joined forces with the Lucas Group as a Branch Manager and built the largest, most profitable, branch in the firm; and in 2018 was promoted to become the first National Contract Director, where I was charged to unify the business strategy of contract solutions nationwide. The results: contract solutions revenue surged from $22MM to $36MM in one-year.
How did I do it? I listened, then crafted a progressive strategy encompassing training, business development, and service delivery — with an emphasis on sales and operations. My playbook outlined the processes, expectations, and metrics that managers, recruiters, and sales teams needed to follow to be successful.
Holding a dual Bachelor of Arts Degree in Marketing and Business, and a PHR Certification, I am a recognized industry expert in the field of Human Capital Management.
When offline, I can be found outdoors playing golf, skiing, and traveling with loved ones. I honor traditions, love challenges, live with integrity, and I thank God for all that I am.  I firmly believe there are few greater pleasures in life than beautiful beaches, snow-covered mountains, good music, and a nice glass of wine (and I am always open to recommendations of a good Chardonnay)!


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